Monday, January 29, 2018

France: Paris- A Day of Random

This day, we woke up feeling like doing everything and nothing all at the same time.
Not feeling in the mood for a formal tour of something, we took to random walks throughout the day, intermixed with short naps and spurts of cozy reading.
A *PERFECT* day.

Hitting up a local street market for breakfast, as well as food for the day

Espresso is always the answer

Metro map

Exploring to see where we will randomly venture to

This is a metro stop in Paris. Granted, it is the metro stop for the Louvre.

The Parisian version of a metro stop!

Lunch as the apartment: Wine, cheese, fresh hot soup and bread!

 And ending with another gorgeous night walk:

The Eiffel Tower illuminating in the distance

French onion soup

More incredible escargot

Eating them is a careful art to minimize splatter

Tomato and mozzarella 

Love locks

Love locks

Love locks