Sunday, January 7, 2018

Thailand: Chiang Mai- Killer Food & Muay Tai

To end our excursion, we had our wonderful driver, Belle, drop us at the Khao Soi restaurant from our original food tour, so we could enjoy a late lunch. We had spied this place while trying to search out the cooking class location, so we wouldn't be late, and it was incredible. Enough such that we came back for a second meal....which is RARE for us. But this time, we have evidence and details! We were hungry: Khao Soi, Green Curry, Tom Yum, and a big noodle soup. The quality and taste was mind-blowing. It was so incredibly good, with such simple ingredients yielding the most complex and dynamic of flavors. We walked back from lunch and took a 2 hour food coma.

Khao Soi: The local specialty

Large Noodles Soup (The noodles are large, not the size of soup quantity)

Tom Yum


Tuk tuk ride view to the Fight!

Our evening was spent enjoying beers and playing pool, awaiting the start of the fight. Matt (from our cooking class!) joined us with his friend Rat. We opted for VIP tickets, for less than $20 and it was worth every penny. We were front row ringside and it was awesome. It was rather disturbing how much I enjoyed watching the fight, but it was so graceful despite the violence. The evening rounded out by bar hoping and all sucking at playing beer pong.

Haha....our VIP table!

Matt and me...the only picture of us/the group that came out :( But a fabulous time was had!