Monday, January 15, 2018

Italy: Amalfi

A village of a million steps, just like Atrani, Amalfi is a beautiful little seaside town...albeit MUCH more tourist-filled. Most of the restaurants of the region are located here, and we found some awesome fresh pizza and gelato!

Pre-lunch: Yes, we had dessert before lunch...


After exploring Amalfi town, and getting fat and happy off of gelato and pizza, we opted to rent beach chairs for the afternoon to relax and sip on some wine. The beaches here are NOT sand, and the waters were a bit frigid due to it being Fall. This practically gave us the place to ourselves, and it was great. I can only imagine the chaos and competition during tourist season! No, thank you.

The "beaches" of Amalfi Coast

Adam braved the chilly waters first

View from our beach chairs

Michael acclimating to the cryotherapy

<3 Newlyweds & Honeymooners <3

<3 Newlyweds & Honeymooners <3

My favorite brother!