Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thailand: Phuket- The Monkeys are Everywhere

Enjoying a truly lazy day (our final full day of vacation), not getting out of bed until almost noon. A nice and simple lunch at Binkie's, divided time where Adam went for a 90 minute massage at Leela's while I went back to the hotel to read.

Afterward, we took at taxi to Monkey Hill, that overlooks the city, for Adam to interact with the monkeys. Honestly, I have a growing angst about them, but genuinely miss sharing the joy about them that Adam still carries. This is definitely the place to go for monkeys; they are EVERYWHERE, and are of all ages and sizes. I was so happy just to watch a momma protect a newborn so new that he never opened his eyes and had absolutely no fur. Adam shared his granola bar with some monkeys, and when he was done, he threw the wrapper in the trash can. That lasted all of 10 seconds before a monkey went into the bin and dug it out. Monkeys fought over that empty wrapper for the remainder the time that we were there. Luckily Adam had two granola bars in his pocket, as he was sitting down, a monkey jumped on him, grabbed the sunglasses from on top of his head and took off up at tree. It was so incredible hilarious to watch. With the second bar, Adam was able to coax him down, to drop the glasses, and to gain interest in the bar. Adam now is the proud owner of sunglasses with genuine monkey teeth marks.

Adam retrieving his sunglasses from where the monkey finally dropped them

The thief enjoying his reward for dropping the glasses

Poor tourist decision making....they were stuck there for quite a while

Our final morning was a lazy morning sleeping in, being together, causally reading, 2-hour Thai massage at Leela's with the two best masseuses of the entire trip. It's really hard to deny yourself massages when they are the equivalent of $5-10USD per hour! Lunch at the same restaurant for the third day in a row; both ordered the bowl of big flat noodles with pork and morning glory, along with a side of pork satay. Afterwards, we had about 75-minutes before our taxi to the airport, so we opted for a cheap 60-minute foot and leg massage.

Truly a rough life.
Truly an amazing trip.