Saturday, January 13, 2018

Italy: The Voyage Along the Amalfi Coast

From Florence, we took a train to the coast, where we then caught a ferry to Amalfi. Amalfi is the name of the region and the infamous city in the center of the region. Interestingly, there is a little town immediately adjacent to Amalfi, that is seriously a 5 minute walk through a mountain tunnel, called Atrani. We opted to stay here because there were many more available rooms (i.e. less people!) AND it was significantly cheaper...for just for a 5 minute walk.

Please, do yourself a favor, if ever traveling to this region: Figure out how to get there by boat.
The fresh salt air blowing through your hair and filling your lungs, immediately make you forget all the stress and worries in the world, and the views are incredible. While the day was rather cloudy, it was still was absolutely perfect.

View from the top deck of the ferry

Our beautiful town of Atrani, home for the next few days!


For our first walk between Amalfi to Atrani, we did not know about the short-cut passage through the mountain, so we walked along the coast. It was twice a long, but who cares....look at these views!

The tower is a restaurant

Path down to a swimming alcove


We stayed in an AirBnB while in Atrani, so we had ample space and the ability to cook for ourselves. Our place had THREE separate balconies, so we had plenty of gorgeous views! They were a wonderful place to end the day sipping on wine and start the day with a nice cup of coffee.

View from our balconies

View from our balconies

View from our balconies, and my awesome brother-in-law <3

View from our balconies

After getting settled in, we ventured out to explore our surroundings for a bit.



Atrani: Note Adam, Michael, and Johnna in the bottom left corner